We Believe Your Professional Relationships Matter

The modern world has become increasingly remote, virtual, and impersonal. Yet business thrives on relationships and communication.

Gillie Services provides a variety of tools, methods and training that streamline your connections to make your professional relationships work better. We put you in touch with your team, your organizations, and your valued audience faster. We help you make your professional relationships stronger.

Gillie Services consists of a TEAM of designers, communicators, marketing and networking professionals. We take an integrated approach to every inquiry – viewing it holistically and determining who will be the “lead” contact for the client/potential client, and who will spearhead each element of a campaign.

We are proud to have developed partnerships with premiere providers to bring you the best options to meet your communication needs, and we consult with you to optimize them for you.

About Gillie Services
Improved communication makes relationships stronger, makes money, and saves time ~ all with less effort.

What is a Gillie?

gil•lie   /’gilē/   noun

Gillie is a Scottish term for a highly regarded and highly skilled servant. Historically, a Gillie was an estate manager, operations steward, overseer of the manor, hunting guide, expert marksman, game warden, travel escort, personal attendant, consultant and bodyguard. Queen Victoria had a Gillie who was overseer of everything at her Balmoral estate, to ensure everything was run to her exacting standards.

At Gillie Services, we work for you!