Mobile Reporting Ensures Timely and Reliable Information

Use it to reduce risk, save time and money.

Easy-to-use mobile app technology gets you vital information from your network of employees, citizens, students and faculty. The dashboard allows you to manage and resolve issues faster, without paperwork.

Do mobile reporting solutions make sense for your organization?

  • Do you need a faster way to report hazards?
  • Will a better feedback loop improve efficiency?
  • Will preventing loss and damage claims improve profits?
  • Would you like to turn silent bystanders into anonymous reporters?
  • Could streamlining your maintenance result in more satisfied customers?
  • Would you like to improve safety by reducing risk and hazards in the workplace?
  • Can you turn your team into a crowd-sourcing system to catch hazards before they cause problems?
  • What if your students could report suspicious behavior before a problem occurred?
  • What if your citizens could report minor problems instead of calling 911?

Our mobile reporting tools make all this possible and more! We are a licensed reseller and solutions provider of advanced mobile apps and SMS texting solutions for real-time alerts:

Whether as stand alone systems, or integrated with your website and social platforms, we provide consulting combined with a variety of messaging solutions that can dramatically increase your ability to capture vital information and communicate with your audience.

Improving your feedback loop with your employees can save millions in the course of just a couple of years. Ben Franklin was right, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These mobile reporting solutions have saved many organizations millions in losses and millions in insurance premiums.

You can’t be everywhere, but your employees see things every day. Our tools and our consulting turn your silent bystanders into active reporters, which gets them involved in safety reporting for the success of your organization.

Mobile Reporting
Wondering which mobile reporting app is best for your unique business needs? Our expert consultants can help you choose!

Simple Ways That Our Mobile Reporting Solutions Can Solve Problems Faster:

  • Photos get geo-tagged and logged with the report
  • Notices get efficiently routed through the dashboard
  • Dashboard reveals when reports are closed or pending
  • Maintenance gets a push-notice on their mobile device
  • Reports of dangerous/suspicious behavior
  • Vehicle maintenance problems get notified sooner
  • Outages get reported and resolved in real time
  • Anything causing a road hazard can be quickly addressed
  • Our 911 button is faster than using the phone
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Public Eye
Text Caster
Workplace Aware