Public Eye

Your Eyes on the Street

Post real-time alerts for public safety.

Public Eye empowers citizens to report hazards to local authorities using mobile app technology. Manage reports using the online dashboard. Keep citizens safe; and roads, bridges, parks and buildings maintained in great shape. Since citizens can follow the status of their reports, they’re more likely to communicate issues. Information is collected and shared efficiently, from citizens to local law enforcement and public works departments.

The mobile app can be customized for each organization’s structure. Report notifications can be sent immediately to those who are authorized. Public Eye mobile app users can snap a photo, and the app geotags it to create a map with the location of the incident. Incidents are posted to the dashboard for quick handling.

Public Eye Benefits:

  • Fight the silent bystander mindset
  • Reduce false 911 calls
  • Improve safety and maintenance
  • Uphold community standards
  • Promote effective communication
  • Give citizens a safer way to report problems
  • Solve problems before they escalate
  • Communicate directly with government agencies
The mobile app can be customized for each organization.

Mobile App Features:

  • Branded for each local government agency
  • Customize reporting bar color and wording
  • Invite users with a 4-digit mobile app sign up code
  • Attach up to 3 pictures on each report (optional)
  • Upload a 10-second video on each report (optional)
  • Enter report description and answer custom questions
  • Send reports anonymously (optional)
  • View reports, report status and notifications
  • Call 911 or custom emergency phone number
  • Respond to administrators through interactive chat

Easy-To-Use Dashboard Features:

  • Accessed by master and report admins only
  • Create custom questions and answers (optional)
  • New report notifications via email and push notification
  • Forward or share reports with citizens
  • View report details and custom questions and answers
  • Assign tasks with due date to individuals
  • Escalate reports to company leadership
  • Manage mobile app users and administrators
  • Capture location, date and time automatically
  • Submit reports with web-reporting form (optional)
  • Suspend and block users when necessary
  • Collect health conditions (optional)
  • Set custom report categories and departments
  • Send alerts to all citizens or specific individuals
  • Initiate interactive chat from the dashboard
  • Filter report history by up to 8 criteria
  • Export reports in PDF or CSV
  • Enter report comments and attach documents