Superior One-To-Many Notification System

Get time-sensitive messages seen quickly!

As partners with TextCaster, we provide a customizable permission-based messaging system that helps organizations communicate with their audiences across multiple channels. TextCaster provides the ability to customize message categories and content delivery options to meet your specific needs. It is easy for your audience to securely opt-in and opt-out, or be notified to receive only the content they want — wherever they are located.

Why should you use business texting solutions for your organization?

  • SMS service offers real-time connection to your audience.
  • Schedule texts to be sent at the most appropriate times for your users.
  • SMS texting through a permission-based system like TextCaster is the most reliable way to get a response.
    — 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes.
    — 99% of texts are opened eventually.
    — The response rate to texts outpaces email or social media by a long shot.
  • The populace is going “wireless only,” so text response rates will only increase.
  • Users like texts better because they have given you permission to contact them.
  • TextCaster has a simple and secure dashboard for easy administration.
  • Last minute changes to group scheduling is now easy.
Easy-to-use dashboard for composing messages.