Protect Your Staff and Sites

WorkplaceAware safety reporting and notification services enable employees to use a mobile app and an online dashboard to easily report near misses, safety observations and facilities/operations issues at work. This technology helps keep your employees safe and your operation running smoothly.

As an auditing tool, WorkplaceAware satisfies regulatory mandates by documenting the time and date an issue was reported and handled — which serves as proof for third-party audits. Use the app to record follow-up photos of completed issues. Multiple categories can be set up for monitoring and resolving any workplace matters.

WorkplaceAware Benefits:

  • Costs less than one workers’ compensation claim
  • Simple, powerful, scalable way to reduce risk
  • Prevent losses
  • No-hassle tracking and resolving
  • Simple communication system with huge results
Reports alert facilities of issues that need attention.

How Can WorkplaceAware Help Your Organization?

Would it save your company money if your Risk Managers could stop putting out fires, and stop responding to claims to focus on prevention?

Would it improve morale with your employees if they knew you cared about their safety enough to give them a reporting app?

Would it improve your relationship with OSHA, if they received a report of safety and health issues that have already been solved?

Would it reduce your insurance premiums if claims decreased?

Would it improve the your bottom line if losses were prevented, instead of reported on your taxes?

WorkplaceAware makes your employees, your Safety Manager, your Risk Manager and your Maintenance Staff all collaborators in catching near misses and solving issues before they become problems. Safe employees are satisfied employees, and efficient resolution of situations reduces demand on the risk department.