What Does Responsive Website Design Mean?

And why is it important to your business?

With the unprecedented growth of mobile device usage on websites, apps, and social media, it is essential that your website is viewable and user friendly regardless of what device your customers are using.

In the past, companies built two separate websites: a fully featured version for computer users, and a pared down version for mobile viewers. Now we build one responsive version of the website that is “fluid” and allows graphics, text, and layout to change in response to what device is being used for viewing.

Responsive Website

Blog Design

Designing a responsive blog site is the same as designing a responsive website – with the additional considerations of categories, dated entries, featured images, and user comments.

Blogging Benefits:

  • Build your audience
  • Engage your followers
  • Guide your constituents
  • Test market response to new ideas
  • Create conversations that expand your brand recognition
  • Promote product launches
  • Network with like-minded people; share your passion
  • Create awareness on issues; get your voice heard
  • Establish credibility
  • Become known as an authority in your industry
  • Generate more revenue

Why You Need It

Usage of Mobile Devices is on the Rise!

  • Almost 60% of all website traffic is from a mobile device.
  • 80% of consumers regularly use their smartphones or tablets for online shopping.
  • 75% of people report using their mobile phones to research companies, get directions to a business, check location hours, or check for online discounts.

Responsive Websites Improve SEO Rankings!

  • Google will rank your site higher because responsive sites provide a better user experience.
  • Over 40% of mobile users will choose another search result if the one they click on isn’t mobile friendly.
  • Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches since 2015.

Provide a Better User Experience!

  • Because they adapt based on the device, your content is viewable for everyone — without the annoyance of left-to-right scrolling or pinching or enlarging.
  • Responsive websites load faster.
  • Users can get the information they need on the fly, away from their desktop device.

Get a Better Return on Investment!

  • Happier users means a lower website bounce rate.
  • A better user experience improves brand perception.
  • Responsive sites boost website conversions and sales.
  • 92% of people who search for a product on a mobile device will make a purchase within a day.
Gillie Services consists of a TEAM of designers, communicators, marketing and networking professionals. We take an integrated approach to every inquiry – viewing it holistically and determining who will be the “lead” contact for the client/potential client, and who will spearhead each element of a campaign.

In general, websites and blogs are handled by the design development team of our partners at UBU Enterprises. Visit their website to see examples of recent work.